Phil Sheppard
1st Dan Black Belt
Instructor for Doushikai Martial Arts

I began martial arts training with Judo from the age of 19, continuing for a few years to get to Green Belt and stopping after dislocating a toe!

I didn't do martial arts for years afterwards until I happened to see a karate club was training in my local Gym in Maidenhead (subsequently moved location).  The club was being run by Senseis Pam & Dave Batten who founded Doushikai Martial Arts.  Pam and Dave were fantastic teachers for both young and old and inspired me to aim towards a black belt (1st Dan) which I achieved in April 2013.

Personally karate has helped with my balance, flexibility, fitness and general confidence; as well as providing self defence skills in case ever needed.  I enjoy teaching others and it is rewarding in particular to see the younger members of the club rapidly develop in confidence and capability.  It's also a fun and friendly atmosphere where we all learn together.